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Early Intervention

Nurturing growth, shaping futures, empowering little superheroes!

Kids with Capes in early intervention therapy
kids in Super Hero Costumes in early intervention therapy

What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention helps in promoting the overall development of a child by targeting specific areas such as communication, social skills, behavior, and cognitive abilities. It is critical that these skills be developed as early as possible as they are the foundational building blocks for all other learning and advanced skills.

Through structured activities and exercises, early intervention therapy stimulates cognitive development, communication, improves attention, social skills, motor development, play skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. This aims to equip children with the necessary skills for daily living, fostering independence and self-sufficiency as they grow older.


A strong early intervention program helps children to be able to express their wants, needs, desires, and emotions as well as access everyday situations more effectively. It also provides opportunities for children to practice social interactions, develop friendships, and understand social cues, which can help them build meaningful relationships.

At Jackson Jade Therapy, we encourage family participation throughout the therapeutic process. We also offer support, guidance, and resources to parents and caregivers to better understand and support their child's unique needs.

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