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ABA Therapy

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child with autism laughing while doing ABA therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy focuses on principles of how an individual learns, how behavior works and how one's environment can either positively or negatively affect behavior.


Treatment provides techniques that support positive change in behavior and reduces those that may cause harm and/or interfere with learning. This type of intervention is one of the primary types of treatment provided to individuals with Autism.

A strong ABA program not only supports positive behaviors, but heavily focuses on treatment techniques to build a variety of skills including attending to task, social, communication, self-control, self-monitoring and support generalization of skills to a variety of environments making every day life situations more easily accessible. The techniques learned can be used in both every day and structured settings, which ultimately best support the client and their family.

little girl with autism on computer in Telehealth ABA therapy session
Family in Telehealth ABA therapy session

What makes us different?

Jackson Jade's ABA programs are customized for each client and tailored to meet an individual’s immediate needs, interests and situations. Patients quickly make progress in our therapy programs and we routinely update goals as they are met and as new challenges may arise.


We include our families in all aspects of the therapy process and encourage you to learn skills and techniques we offer to support your child's progress when we are not present. This provides for the most optimal carry-over and support for ongoing success.

Each therapist is heavily screened, goes through an intensive interview process and receives extensive training prior to providing services. Treatment plans are developed as a team and routinely reviewed with supervising therapists to ensure quality intervention meets the patient's immediate and most important needs.

Our therapists receive ongoing routine education in not only ABA therapy, but also speech therapy and occupational therapy to ensure they are knowledgeable on the best and most up-to-date methods, to ensure carryover of skills learned in other treatments, and ultimately ensure you are receiving quality care.


Clients who receive ABA intervention receive the benefit of having multiple therapists provide treatment. This approach ensures that patients are acquiring a skill and can use it appropriately among many people and not simply in isolation with one individual. It also ensures that they do not become dependent on a given person. Our goal is to provide patients independence which fosters the best outcome for success in home, school, and community environments.

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