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Welcome to Jackson Jade’s Summer Fun Discovery Center! 

This Summer Join in on the Fun with These Engaging Activities to Spark Kids’ Development  

We are excited to introduce a variety of activities designed to help children develop essential skills while having a blast. Our series focuses on enhancing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory skills, and executive functioning. We're kicking off the series with three fantastic outdoor activities that are perfect for the sunny days ahead. Let’s dive into the fun with Campfire Cookies, Hop Scotch, and Flower Bubble Wand! 

Campfire Cookies is a creative activity where children can mix and bake their own cookies using a campfire or outdoor oven. You could also do this activity with pre-made dough or prepackaged cookies. It’s very versatile and easily translates to kitchen fun at home or to a campsite activity. This process involves mixing ingredients, shaping the dough, baking, and finally, decorating the cookies.  


  • Fine Motor Skills: 

    • Hand-eye coordination: Measuring and mixing ingredients helps children improve their precision. 

    • Hand Strength: Kneading dough enhances muscle development. 

    • Dexterity: Decorating cookies with icing and toppings requires careful hand movements. 

    • Bilateral Coordination: Using both hands to mix and handle baking tools promotes coordination. 

    • Life Skills: Understanding cooking processes and food preparation is a valuable life skill. 

  • Sensory Skills: 

    • Tactile: Feeling different textures of ingredients engages the sense of touch. 

    • Oral: Tasting the cookies enhances the sense of taste. 

  • Language Skills: 

    • Combing Words: Assists with greater independence and emotional expression. 

    • Verbs and Action Words: Enhances communication. 

  • Executive Functioning: 

    • Planning: Following a recipe from start to finish teaches planning skills. 

    • Time Management: Keeping track of baking times helps develop time management. 

    • Organization: Preparing ingredients and tools in an orderly fashion promotes organization. 

  • Additional Benefits: 

    • Communication and Cooperation: Working together to complete tasks encourages teamwork. 

    • Expanding Palate: Trying new flavors and textures can help children expand their palate. 

    • Confidence: Successfully creating a tasty treat boosts self-esteem. 

    • Reading and Comprehension: Following written recipes enhances literacy skills. 

Hop Scotch is a timeless outdoor game where children hop through a series of numbered spaces drawn on the ground. It’s a fun and active way to play while developing essential skills. All you need is sidewalk chalk and a sidewalk! 


  • Gross Motor Skills: 

    • Balance: Maintaining stability while hopping improves balance. 

    • Coordination: Moving in a sequence with precise foot placement enhances coordination. 

    • Strength: Repetitive hopping builds leg muscles. 

  • Fine Motor Skills: 

    • Hand-eye Coordination: Throwing a marker accurately onto the drawn spaces requires precision. 

  • Sensory Skills: 

    • Proprioception: Understanding body position in space while hopping is key to proprioceptive development. 

    • Tactile: Feeling the ground with feet, especially when played barefoot, engages the sense of touch. 

  • Executive Functioning: 

    • Planning: Strategizing where to throw the marker fosters planning skills. 

    • Sequential Thinking: Following the numerical order of spaces promotes sequential thinking. 

  • Additional Benefits: 

    • Social Skills: Interacting and playing cooperatively with peers enhances social skills. 

    • Problem-Solving: Figuring out the best ways to navigate through the spaces encourages problem-solving. 

    • Social Skills and Number Recognition: Taking turns, following game rules, and learning numbers. 

Creating and using a flower-shaped bubble wand is a magical activity that involves making a wand from natural materials like plastic straws and tape and then using it to blow bubbles.


  • Fine Motor Skills: 

    • Dexterity: Assembling the bubble wand requires careful hand movements. 

    • Hand-eye Coordination: Blowing bubbles and watching their trajectory enhances coordination. 

  • Sensory Skills: 

    • Tactile: Feeling the texture of flowers and bubble solution engages the sense of touch. 

    • Visual: Tracking bubbles as they float develops visual tracking skills. 

  • Executive Functioning: 

    • Creativity: Designing and decorating the wand encourages creative thinking. 

    • Planning: Gathering materials and following steps to construct the wand teaches planning. 

  • Speech Skills: 

    • Comprehension: Helps build knowledge 

    • Colors, Shapes, and Numbers: Improves language skills and pattern recognition. 

  • Additional Benefits: 

    • Environmental Awareness: Using natural materials fosters a connection with nature and environmental awareness. 

    • Imagination: Engaging in creative play with bubbles stimulates the imagination. 


Join Us for a Summer of Fun! 

We hope you and your children will enjoy these activities and the many benefits they offer. Stay tuned for more exciting activities in Jackson Jade’s Summer Fun Series. Let's make this summer unforgettable with fun, learning, and growth! 



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