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The Summer of Fun Continues at Jackson Jade's Discovery Center!

Welcome back to Jackson Jade Therapy's Discovery Center blog and the third installment of our "Summer of Fun" series! This week, we have lined up a trio of fun activities designed to bring joy and learning to your child's day. Our featured activities—Rainbow Fruit Snack, Sensory Rice, and Craft Caterpillars—are perfect for refining fine and gross motor skills, enhancing executive function, and improving sensory processing in an enjoyable and engaging way. Let's dive in and discover the fun! 

Activity Overview: Creating a Rainbow Fruit Snack involves cutting, peeling, and arranging a variety of colorful fruits in the shape of a rainbow. It’s a delightful and healthy way for children to explore different textures and tastes while making a beautiful, edible masterpiece. 

Child's Perspective: Imagine being able to create a rainbow that you can eat! Picking out your favorite fruits, peeling/cutting them, and arranging them in a vibrant, colorful pattern is just like creating a piece of art. It’s a deliciously fun way to play with your food! 

Skills Reinforced: 

  • Fine Motor Skills: Cutting and peeling fruits improve hand strength, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and precision. 

  • Executive Function: Following the steps to create the rainbow, sequencing the colors correctly, reasoning about the order, and organizing the fruits enhance cognitive skills. 

  • Oral Motor Skills: Eating the fruits helps with chewing and swallowing. 

  • Visual Perception: Identifying and matching the colors of the fruits sharpens visual discrimination. 

  • Sensory: Handling the different textures of fruits engages tactile senses. 

Activity Overview: Sensory Rice is a fun and tactile activity where children explore a bin filled with colorful rice. They can scoop, pour, pinch, and sort the rice, and even search for small hidden treasures buried within the grains. 

Child's Perspective: Playing with colorful rice is like diving into a mini treasure hunt! Letting the grains slip through your fingers, scooping them into containers, and finding hidden surprises is so much fun. It’s like a sandbox filled with rainbow grains! 

Skills Reinforced: 

  • Sensory Processing Skills: Engages tactile, visual, and auditory senses. 

  • Fine Motor Skills: Scooping, pouring, pinching, and grasping the rice enhance finger dexterity, precision, and hand strength. 

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Manipulating the rice and various tools improves coordination. 

  • Executive Function: Sorting and organizing the rice, counting hidden objects, and planning their play helps with cognitive skills. 

  • Social and Play Skills: Sharing the activity with peers fosters cooperative play and communication. 

  • Language Skills: Talking about the textures, colors, and actions involved in the activity expands vocabulary. 

Activity Overview: Craft Caterpillars involve making cute and colorful caterpillars using cotton swab discs, markets, water colors and other craft materials. This creative activity allows children to express their imagination while developing fine motor skills. 

Child's Perspective: Creating your own caterpillar friends is like making characters from a storybook come to life! You get to choose their colors, design their faces, and even decide what shape they will take. It’s a fantastic way to unleash your creativity and make something special. 

Skills Reinforced: 

  • Fine Motor Skills: Squeezing glue, manipulating small craft items, and assembling the caterpillars improve in-hand manipulation, dexterity, precision, and hand strength. 

  • Executive Function: Sequencing the steps to create the caterpillars, making design decisions, and exercising impulse control to complete the project enhance cognitive skills. 

  • Visual Motor Skills: Aligning and attaching different parts of the caterpillars improves visual awareness and perception. 

We hope you and your children enjoyed this week’s activities in our "Summer of Fun" series! Each of these engaging projects—Rainbow Fruit Snack, Sensory Rice, and Craft Caterpillars—not only provide endless entertainment but also help develop important motor, executive function, and sensory processing skills. Stay tuned for more exciting and educational activities to keep your summer full of learning and fun! Don’t forget to tag us so we can see all of your beautiful creations! 

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