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Jackson Jade Therapy is a medically-based private practice that offers the highest level of Speech, Occupational, Physical, and ABA Therapy to children and adults in the Torrance, Long Beach and neighboring communities. Our primary goal is to provide patients with independence. We address the underlying medical issues that cause the problem, ultimately providing for better and faster results for our patients. The result is happy families.

We’re Committed To Our Clients

We are committed to quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. Our primary mission is to elevate the gold standard of clinical rehabilitative services, to create an opportunity for success, and empower each client to reach their highest potential through customized services. Our therapists and support staff provide exceptional service through knowledge, training, and integrity to our patients and professions that benefit each client’s quality of life. The Jackson Jade Family is passionate about our professions and our clients. Each clinician is dedicated to providing superior diagnostic and therapeutic service and has strived to gain advanced education and knowledge to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and high quality treatment for our clients.

The services offered at Jackson Jade are customized to meet each individual’s personal needs. Our patients range from having mild impairments and rare genetic conditions to those who are recovering from an illness. The youngest patient treated by our team was a premature baby born at twenty-five weeks gestation and our oldest patient was 105 years old! Jackson Jade is proud to say that we have clients seek our services from all over the United Sates and world.

We understand that healthcare can be costly and as part of our commitment to our patients, we accept most major medical insurances to support your therapy needs. Medical insurance is a method for reimbursing the patient for medical expenses and we assist you along the way in billing your medical insurance for their portion of the services provided. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier if you have any questions about your benefits, your financial responsibility, etc.

CA treats a variety of cognitive or neurological conditions in children
Happy Clients
What They Say

The staff at Jackson Jade has been awesome! My son has improved over the past six months. They work with our son with so much care! They are very friendly and a safe place to be. They work great with my insurance – thank you!
The changes we are seeing in our daughter are amazing! She went from twelve words to a vocabulary in no time at all. Her therapist Nina has done and is still doing an incredible job with her. Charlise loves her dates on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. She looks forward to it and she always exits the therapy room excited and full of stories. She made a friend in Nina! Jackson Jade always goes that extra mile – arts and crafts, they work with our insurance, and provide advice on how to extend their work at home. I’m very happy we chose Jackson Jade for Charlise’s therapy!
We are so pleased with Ronan’s progress since he started with Jackson Jade! We feel he really connects with his therapist. Jackson Jade is a blessing and has helped Ronan so very, very much. Everyone is so kind and personable and we appreciate their hard work in helping the children! Ronan enjoys his visits!
We didn’t understand why our daughter didn’t want to touch things and was such a picky eater until meeting the staff at Jackson Jade. Meal times, getting dressed, and outdoor activities were always a struggle for our family. Our occupational therapist explained thoroughly our daughter’s diagnosis of sensory integration dysfunction and how we could help her at home. She is now willing to go to the beach, play in the grass, and willing to touch! Our speech therapist has taken my daughter from being the pickiest of eaters to eating a wide variety of foods. Jackson Jade has taken the struggles out of our daily life routines and for that we are so thankful!
My son has made tremendous progress since receiving speech and language services through Jackson Jade! He is speaking in two word phrases and has increased his vocabulary! The therapists and staff are friendly and always willing to answer any questions or concerns. I am truly thankful to have found such a wonderful place to help improve my son’s speech and language skills!
We have been very pleased with the speech therapy we’ve received at Jackson Jade! My son has made tremendous improvement in his short time there. His therapist is wonderful and he absolutely LOVES coming to his weekly appointments! Thank you Jackson Jade!
Our History

Jackson Jade Therapy is a therapist owned medically-based private practice founded in Southern California by an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist. It was recognized that there was a significant need for quality speech, language, and swallowing treatment in Los Angeles’ South Bay area.

As Jackson Jade’s client base grew it was identified that many individuals required Occupational, Physical and ABA therapy which led to an expansion of our services. This provided Jackson Jade clients with a collaborative approach for successful treatment at one convenient location. Since its inception, Jackson Jade has grown rapidly which is directly related to the quality of care that we offer and the results of our patients. We provide distinctive quality and exceptional customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, referral sources, and community. Our largest marketing and referral source of new clients is through word of mouth from satisfied patients. The quality of our services coupled with the caring and compassionate way in which they are delivered has earned us the reputation as a premier clinic.

We currently have offices located in Torrance and Long Beach, California and continue to offer the same individualized compassionate care as we expand to meet our client and community needs.

Speech therapy for children and adults
Our Philosophy

Jackson Jade Therapy recognizes that each client is a unique individual with their own individual needs. Our diagnostic procedures guide the development and implementation of a personal plan of care to meet each client’s goals and assist them in reaching their highest potential.

We believe in the neuroscientific research of brain mapping and studies that support the concept that the brain has the ability to learn and create new neuropathways regardless of the level of impairment through exposure, learning, and behavior.

We are committed to assisting our community and clients’ needs regardless of age, socio-economic status, diagnosis, severity, and culture.

We believe our therapists and support staff must be knowledgeable, committed to providing exceptional service, and provide a safe comfortable learning environment.

We recognize that partnering with our colleagues, physicians, and other service providers is important and instrumental to the success of our clients.

We support the theory that educating our clients and their families on therapeutic techniques to use in the home and community is critical to client success and an integral part of the therapeutic process.

We believe that each therapist should be provided with the education, training, tools, and professional work environment to provide each client with exceptional treatment.

We believe that our therapy environments should be free from distraction as the primary stimuli should be within the treatment itself.

Jackson Jade Therapy is committed to providing extraordinary service by employing the highest level of therapists that share in the commitment of our vision.

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Speech, Occupational, ABA & Physical Therapy in Long Beach & Torrance
Speech, Occupational, ABA & Physical Therapy in Long Beach & Torrance
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Jackson Jade Therapy: Providing Independence to Our Patients

Jackson Jade Therapy was started in 1999 by speech pathologist Renée Firby. She realized the need for quality speech and language therapy as well as treatment for swallowing conditions in Los Angeles. Our clients’ feedback showed a need for more than speech therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA, which is how we incorporated other therapy services into our clinic. This includes effective ABA therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA and physical and occupational therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA.

We aim to accurately diagnose our patients to give the best and most appropriate treatment. Personal care is given to each of them to cater for their different needs. Our staff is well trained, well educated and knowledgeable people of integrity who give our patients the best in their journey to recovery.

At Jackson Jade, we assist all regardless of their socio-economic status, culture, diagnosis, severity or age. We treat children and adults. We want our customers to reach their highest potential and make their families happy as their daily routine of struggles is taken away. Inclusive in the therapeutic process, we educate the family members too to continue with the healing at home.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA is offered to those who have trouble pronouncing words or communicating verbally or non-verbally. They also lack the ability to write. This type of therapy is provided in order to improve one’s speech, to make one understand a language and express it. Speech therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA is done by coordinating the mouth so that it can produce sounds to form words and sentences. Swallowing and feeding are also a major focus during speech therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA as speech and feeding both involve the mouth.

ABA Therapy Services

Another kind of therapy service we offer is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. This treatment is majorly offered to autism patients. ABA therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA focuses on the techniques and principles that support positive behavior change and reduces the harmful ones and those that can interfere with learning. ABA therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA is done to improve the patient’s skills in relation to the situation and surroundings. A group of therapists performs ABA therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA to support each other for the best outcome in the least time possible.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy is for patients who want to be more independent and have better functional life skills. It can also be provided to individuals with impairments, injuries or disabilities. Assessment and intervention are done to develop, recover or maintain the occupation and other meaningful activities of an individual or a group. Physical therapy or physiotherapy is care given by mechanical force and movements. Physical and occupational therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA is done relatedly as physical therapy cures the injured or impaired part while occupational therapy cures one wholesomely. Physical and occupational therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA is done to support patients either recovering from injuries or those with cognitive or developmental disabilities affecting their behavior, emotions and motor skills. For physical and occupational therapy in Long Beach and Torrance, CA sessions, the patient and therapist are on a one on one in a private room.

We partner with medical insurance companies to ease the payments for our clients. Kindly consult your insurance agent to know what is available for you. Visit us, and we will offer the treatment you need. We believe that no matter how severe the impairment is, there can be recovery. We want our clients to be happy and independent.